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Sky Wizard, an EEP Board

Sky Wizard, an EEP Board

LunaMare Designs has added a photo to the pool:

Sky Wizard, an EEP Board

Neat tool that allows you and your visitors to update the viewer environment automatically, in one click, by selecting a preset environment setting managed by you.
Awesome for your own land, your rentals, your land sales, RP regions, photography in general, etc.

✔ 18 hand-crafted EEP settings included, all modifiable, board can hold up to 100 settings, compatible with all EEP settings.
✔ Edit any included setting, use on your own settings, maybe even see something you didn’t know!
✔ Use the included settings out of the box, or tweak them to fit the best view for your land.
✔ Easily make your own custom board, logo, buttons and name of settings with dedicated mesh.
✔ 4 LI in its current form, 2 LI when removing flowers.
✔ Easy setup, pretty much drag and drop, then select "Reset" on menu.
✔ Requires compatible EEP viewer. (Latest official viewer, latest Firestorm viewer and others supporting EEP)
✔ Requires "experience" added and enabled in your land. (Steps included)
✔ Your viewer should be set to "Use Shared Environment". (Viewer menu: World, Environment)

Please try it at our locations and feel free to IM Andred Darwin, for any questions or even a simple Hello!

See it at:

Sky Wizard Demo Area @ Brown
Main Store
Timberland Village Outdoor Mall

Settings included:

✔ After Storm (Rainbow)
✔ Beautiful Day
✔ Bright Moon
✔ Cloud Shadow
✔ Dark Night
✔ Dense Fog
✔ Light Fog
✔ Hazy Afternoon (24 Hours settings by BJoyful, Bonus Setting)
✔ Hazy Dawn
✔ Hazy Sunrise
✔ Hazy Sunset
✔ Late Afternoon
✔ Moonlight
✔ Storm Coming
✔ Sunny Day
✔ Sunrise
✔ Sunset
✔ Super Moon
✔ Two Moons

Revision 1.6: Fixed routine to check if environment setting is still inside the board. ( Random "Environment setting not found in inventory" )

As with all updates, we "redelivered" a new version to all. Thank you!

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