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!Skifija Script For SL Creators Auto Season 12 Months Landscape

!Skifija Script For SL Creators Auto Season 12 Months Landscape

GoranOsterham has added a photo to the pool:

!Skifija Script For SL Creators Auto Season 12 Months Landscape…

At the request of the creators SL,
I made a Demo object and an additional script that allows other users to create their own versions of the landscape elements for the "Auto Season 12 months" from Skifija and this will work with the Time Manager from Skifija.
Now you can make objects "12 months Auto Season" for personal use, gifts and sale!
You can use this script for whatever objects and actions you want, including sounds, animations, etc.

The package includes:
1. DEMO! Skifija 12Months Auto Seasson Grass (Receiver)
2. script:! Skifija 12Months Grass (Receiver) for Creators
3. script:! Skifija 12Monts (command receiver)
4. "! Skifija Time Manager Auto Season 12 Months Landscape v.0.3" – You don’t Can Modify and No Transfer this,
Users get it when they buy one of the products "! Skifija 12Months Auto Seasson"

This point assumes that you know Linden’s scripting language (LSL).
If you don’t understand what this is about, don’t use it.

useful links:…

How it works?
The Time manager gives commands on an individual channel for each resident.
The object you created accepts commands using the "!Skifija 12Monts (command receiver)" script
and sends them to the "!Skifija 12Months Grass (Receiver) for Creators" script.

How can I help?
You can contact me with suggestions or questions (if it will be sent for goran Osterham to notecard).

You can transfer this script to the next owner with permission – NO modify, No Transfer or NO modify, No Copy.
Please note that all responsibility for the unscrupulous use of the script lies with you.

Have Fun!

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