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!Skifija 12Months Auto Season Flying Island v02

!Skifija 12Months Auto Season Flying Island v02

GoranOsterham has added a photo to the pool:

!Skifija 12Months Auto Season Flying Island v02
!!!! Only on 4 – Seasons event !!!!
This time a exclusive product !Skifija 12 months AutoSeason Flying island with Pond v.0.1 in the Magic Landscape "12 months" series is presented.

In the pacage also included:
Old Oak tree AutoSeason v.0.1, v.0.2
Grass v.0.1 AutoSeason
Rock&Moss n.0.1 AutoSeason
Butterfilds AutoSeason

Magic Landscape "12 months" looks differently every month: the texture changes automatically each month according to SL time, from snowy winter to tender spring, from blooming summer to golden autumn. You also can set it to change manually.

1.The water surface size 16.40922 x 16.40922, , LI 21 in this size, physical has animated, seamless textures, as well as animated textures for duckweed on the water surface and caustics at the bottom of the Pond.
Every month is different from the previous one
The physical states of the water work in such a way that when the surface of the pond is covered with ice in the winter you can use it as a skating rink, and from spring to autumn, submerge in the water and walk along the bottom.
2. Flying island, size 31.70424 x 31.41659 x 6.34841, fits into the square standard size 32×32 (1024 sgm), LI 37 in this size, physical. Has a different texture every month and is designed for use with a pond.

How to use:
1. Rez landscape element and Time Control Manager.
2. Touch Time Control Manager, you’ll get the menu to change all the pieces of magic landscape you have around.
3. Choose automatic or manual mode. If it – automatic, Magic landscape will change automatically each month or, you can set season you prefer and change it manually.
4. Time Control Manager must remain in-world for the changes.

All objects – modify, copy
script – no modify

Everything is ready to use, the calculation was made for a land size of 1024sgm, 351prims.

Have fun!

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