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+SHADOWMEND+ Rewrite Eyes

+SHADOWMEND+ Rewrite Eyes

Eva Shadowmend has added a photo to the pool:

+SHADOWMEND+ Rewrite Eyes

Gaze into forbidden depths with ‘Rewrite’ eyes…now at the Orsy event.

13 traditional hues for mesmerizing beauty: soulful browns, captivating blues, and the smolder of a vampire’s gaze.

🔮 13 fantasy shades whisper of ancient magics: emerald flames, shimmering silvers fit for a moon witch, and deep violets that promise potent spells.

🔮 But the true coven calls with the Fatpack… 4 shades so darkly enticing, they hold the secrets of shadows and moonlight.

Rewrite your Second Life. Rewrite your allure. The night is yours to claim.

Visit today:

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