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+SHADOWMEND+ Danzai no Hana

+SHADOWMEND+ Danzai no Hana

Eva Shadowmend has added a photo to the pool:

+SHADOWMEND+ Danzai no Hana

SHADOWMEND Introduces Danzai no Hana: Eyeshadows for Enchanting Shimmering Artistry

Transform your Second Life gaze with Danzai no Hana, a captivating eyeshadow palette designed to unleash your inner artist.

🎨 Features:

12 Vibrant Shimmering Shades: Dive into a kaleidoscope of 12 colors, each infused with mesmerizing shimmer, perfect for creating stunning eye looks.

Versatile Compatibility: Enhance your look with HD EVOX and BoM compatibility.

Endless Possibilities: Explore limitless creativity, from soft, romantic hues to bold, dramatic statements.

🔥 Find Danzai no Hana at The BUMBUM Event! Visit the SHADOWMEND booth to experience the magic firsthand.

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