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+SHADOWMEND+ Complication Eyes

+SHADOWMEND+ Complication Eyes

Eva Shadowmend has added a photo to the pool:

+SHADOWMEND+ Complication Eyes

✨ 31 Shades of Midnight: Eyes That Reflect the Shadows ✨

Unveil the enigmatic depths of your soul with Complication, a captivating collection of 31 meticulously crafted eyes that capture the subtle light refractions. Each shade is a window to a world of subtle mystery and quiet reflection, a silent testament to the complexities that lie beneath the surface.

️ 13 Traditional Eyes: Explore the extraordinary depth hidden in the ordinary.

🌈 13 Fantasy Eyes: Venture into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors, where your gaze becomes a bold statement.

🌟 5 Bonus Eyes (Fatpack Exclusive): For those who seek to reveal the secrets hidden in the depths of their being.

Embrace the subtleties of shadow and light, and let your eyes become a canvas for the quiet mysteries of your soul, or a burst of vibrant energy.

Discover the beauty of Complication, available as an EXCLUSIVE TODAY (5/15/24) at the Suicide Dollz event. Event opens at 6PM SLT!


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