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Seydr @ Shop And Hop – New Releases

Seydr @ Shop And Hop - New Releases

[Seydr] has added a photo to the pool:

Seydr @ Shop And Hop - New Releases

Winter Shop & Hop is opening soon and I have a stall on Tinseled with some new Yule themed releases!

Yuletide Giftboxes are laid out, with icy wrapping, gilded bows and decorated with sprigs of pine and nettles kissed by winter’s frost. These giftboxes are low LI and sold as a decorative pack or can be used as giftboxes to send your no transfer items to friends and loved ones. They come in an assortment of colors, single boxes, packed in 3’s or all stacked together within each color set and all are mod.

As the free gift, also be sure to grab the Er’oht Ice and Gilded Ice Antlers, and take advantage as well of the 25% off everything in the stall for the duration of the event!

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