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Seydr Jewelry Release for ToTL

Seydr Jewelry Release for ToTL

[Seydr] has added a photo to the pool:

Seydr Jewelry Release for ToTL

Dark Passions Trick or Treat Lane opens oct 7th
LM available when event opens.

3 original mesh earrings have been made exclusivly for this event beginning with:
Gossamer Cuffs, made only for Lelutka elf ears. Rigged for both male and female, they move with the ears and come with 29 base metal colors and 22 gem options.
Weaver’s Earrings. These beautiful spiders seem to be pulling in a web donned with three delicate beads. They come in Solids or Gems with 10 color options that allows you to mix and match the spider, beads and web.
Finally the Jack-O-Lantern earrings are a fun geometric heart shape, with 20 base colors and 14 hook colors.
All earrings come with a full customization HUD, and they are Mod/Copy as well!

Also there are free 2 gifts at my booth with special colors of the earrings. One treat right in plain sight, and the other you need to look a little harder for!

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