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SEKA’s Wheezy Inhaler @SpringFlair

SEKA's Wheezy Inhaler @SpringFlair

SEKA (nivea.vuckovic) has added a photo to the pool:

SEKA's Wheezy Inhaler @SpringFlair

Take a deep breath

-Color HUD ! 7 bright inhaler colors + 7 dark with colorful accents sooo 14?.. also same colors for other parts to mix and match, the usual
-Left/Right Hold or in the Mouth, however you want it 😀
-with or without Sound Effects (held ones with inhaler spray sound, mouth one with inhale.. sound plays on a loop every 20 ish seconds)
-MOD so you can get rid of that goo hanging in case you want a clean version :3 And ofcourse tinting etc

Coming to SPRING Flair on the 9th !

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