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SEKA's SuperBAD Bottom + 10L SuperBAD Choker @WhoreCoutureFair

SEKA's SuperBAD Bottom + 10L SuperBAD Choker @WhoreCoutureFair

SEKA (nivea.vuckovic) has added a photo to the pool:

SEKA's SuperBAD Bottom + 10L SuperBAD Choker @WhoreCoutureFair

Bratting again,been a while!
Whore Couture Fair is celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary and every Designer is going place a 10L Cheapie at their booths along with their New Releases
For this fun event I made these bratty strappy belt things, and a super innocent (yeah right!) Choker as a 10L Bonus Item

Bratty Strappy Bottom comes with:

★ a fun HUD that lets you customize your new item a bit easier

★ Each color pack comes with 3 textures/looks for 2 parts of the strap, you can easily Mix and Match between them and create your own colorful bratty look

With the HUD you can easily:
– change the Strap1 (3 variations)
– change the Strap2 (3 variations)
– mix and match the txt SUPERBAD ( 14 colors)
– mix and match the txt BAD ( 9 colors)
– mix and match the txt BRAT ( 9 colors)
– mix and match the buckle ( 9 colors)
– adjust Glow amount of the txt and turn Fullbright ON / OFF
– Tint Parts

★ FATPACK comes with all the Main textures and everything else

– DON’T FORGET! as with all SEKA Items you dont necessarily need a fatpack to get to mix more, for example,
having only 2 color packs etc will still allow you mix and match between those 2 color HUDs as well

★ The item is MODIFY in case you wish to delete scripts etc
★ a rig for LEGACY, MAITREYA, Slink HOURGLASS, Belleza FREYA, Inithium KUPRA,eBODY Reborn
★ WIDER Rigs are INCLUDED as well, it is simply a Version that sits away from the body and perhaps allows the item to be worn over mesh tights, or very tight jeans/pants (I have tried with
several Rouly jeans for example, and it worked, but of course it might not work with all the pants on the grid cause it is impossible to make it fit all. It is just a Bonus in case you can find a way to
wear it like this )

>>> The 10L SuperBAD Choker is a FATPACK, you can easily change textures with the HUD and Tint to achive your favorite colorful Naughty Choke looks :p <<<

Coming to @Whore Couture Fair (starting March 1st)

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