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SEKA’s OmNom "Winter Cuppa" @Okinawa Christmas Festival

SEKA's OmNom "Winter Cuppa" @Okinawa Christmas Festival

SEKA (nivea.vuckovic) has added a photo to the pool:

SEKA's OmNom "Winter Cuppa" @Okinawa Christmas Festival

I’m boarding the Xmas hype train cho choo
Have some overly sweet hot marshmallow choco Cuppa :3

-Bento Hold (Left / Right)
-HUD Included (customize your Cuppa and switch some colors around – *mug/marshmellows*)
-Decor version included too (3LI)

But if the Cuppa is just a bit too sweet for you, I got a FREE exclusive Giftie too, waiting for you at the booth

Okinawa Christmas Festival opens Dec 11th , don’t for to check it out *.*

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