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SEKA’s Lost ‘n Found Brat Belt @TheWarehouseSALE

SEKA's Lost 'n Found Brat Belt @TheWarehouseSALE

SEKA (nivea.vuckovic) has added a photo to the pool:

SEKA's Lost 'n Found Brat Belt @TheWarehouseSALE

You know when there is a brat with you and everytime you turn around its doing wild things and is out of control ?!?
Why let it run around when you can keep it in check with this fun Leashable Waist Belt!

These Fun Colorful Waist belts come with:

★ RLV Peanut No.9 Version + non scripted
★ Each color comes with 3 different textures (looks), so you can switch up and match it to fit your bratty needs that day!
★ Color HUD to spice it up a bit (8 colors for the cute little hearts and metal details)
★ Rig for LEGACY, MAITREYA, Slink HOURGLASS, Belleza FREYA, Inithium KUPRA
MODIFY! for whatever reason
★ Materials

Coming to TheWarehouseSALE (starting 23rd)

SEKA Mainstore

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