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SEKA's Leg Warmer @TheWarehouseSALE

SEKA's Leg Warmer @TheWarehouseSALE

SEKA (nivea.vuckovic) has added a photo to the pool:

SEKA's Leg Warmer @TheWarehouseSALE

These Leg Warmers will keep you nice and warm but still leave all the important parts hanging out, like, ass, ofc! >:O

Leg Warmers come with:

★ a HUD that lets you customize easy
★ Each Color Pack comes with 3 colorways/textures for the Main Leg Piece , giving you some some extra styles and variety for your looks

With the HUDs you can easily:
– change Main Leg ( 3 looks/shades)
– change the Upper Leg (top) ( dark / light )
– mix and match the Upper Straps ( 8 colors )
– mix and match the Lower Straps ( 8 colors )
– mix and match the Upper Buckles ( 8 colors )
– mix and match the Lower Buckles ( 8 colors )
– change the Metals ( Light, Dark, Gold-ish)
– change the side stripe ( 8 colors )
– add Glow and FULLbright to the side Stripe and make it stand out in the dark or in special Windlights
– TINT all Parts and tweak all the colors more

★ FATPACK comes with ALL the textures/colors and everything else

★ a rig for LEGACY , MAITREYA,Inithium KUPRA ,eBODY Reborn
★ WIDER Rigs are Included as well ( the part that covers the boot)
I added more volume there for easier Fit on Various boots around SL, of course it is impossible to create the shape that will guarantee fit for every boot on the grid but I tested on several boots and they worked fine together
Example – DRD Sticker Stompers, Cubic Cherry-Vesper Boots etc
They will OfCourse fit Perfectly on top of SEKA’s Raptor/Glitch Stompers since I created the Leg Warmers with these in mind
> > > Always Try DEMO FIT and make sure that this Leg Warmer is something you can style with your other already existing Items!

★ BOM ALPHA Leg Hide is Included and MUST be worn with these, I liked the way the model was shaping the leg and I wanted to keep most of that without having to change it too much while fitting on differently shaped SL bodies

★ it’s MODIFY (if you want to remove scripts,materials etc)

★ MATERIALS – Item contains special material textures that give the fabric/shine feels on High and Ultra Graphics

Available @The Warehouse SALE
Several Color Packs will be Discounted for the duration of the Event

SEKA Mainstore
SEKA FaceBook
SEKA Instagram

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