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SEKA's Leatherette LongSleeve @ACCESS

SEKA's Leatherette LongSleeve @ACCESS

SEKA (nivea.vuckovic) has added a photo to the pool:

SEKA's Leatherette LongSleeve @ACCESS

Girlies, its SHOCKING NEWS! I made a top that covers ALL
It’s crazy I don’t know what happened 😀

This fun Colorful Top comes with:

★ a fun HUD that lets you customize your new item a bit easier

★ Each color pack comes with 2 MAIN and 2 SLEEVE looks to give you some different styling options

With the HUD you can easily:
– change the MAIN Texture (2 variations)
– change the SLEEVE Texture (2 variations)
– mix ‘n match the Collar/Cuffs ( 9 colors )
– mix ‘n match the Bottom Waist ( 9 colors )
– mix ‘n match Mid Waist ( 18 colors )
– add GLOW and Fullbright to the MID and make it stand out in special Windlights
– TINT all the parts and find your own intense shade

★ FATPACK comes with all the Main and Sleeve textures and everything else and since your have ALL the colors now you can create some cool MAIN/SLEEVE Color Combinations

DON’T FORGET! as with all SEKA Items you dont necessarily need a fatpack to get more creative color combinations, for example, having only 2 color packs etc will still allow you mix and match between those 2 color HUDs as well

★ it’s MODIFY (if you wish to remove scripts, etc..)
★ a rig for LEGACY +Perky, MAITREYA + Petite ,Inithium KUPRA + KUPS AB, Inithium KHARA, eBODY Reborn

Available @ACCESS

SEKA Mainstore
SEKA FaceBook
SEKA Instagram

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