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SEKA's Klaw Mouth @CYBER Fair

SEKA's Klaw Mouth @CYBER Fair

SEKA (nivea.vuckovic) has added a photo to the pool:

SEKA's Klaw Mouth @CYBER Fair

This Accessory comes with:

★ a HUD that let you customize your new fun item a bit easier
★ This is a FATPACK by default so that means you get to play with ALL the textures and colors and create your own cyber vibe
With the HUD you can: – change and mix and match 4 parts of this piece (main, caps, wire1, wire2) with 9 cool colors/textures
– change the GLOW amount on accent details and glitch effect
– turn glitch ON / OFF
– TINT effect and parts

★ it’s MODIFY (if you want to remove scripts,materials etc etc or tweak more)

★ This is your standard Un-Rigged UNISEX attachment, has a resize script to make the fitting easier
You can wear this thing anywhere really (mouth piece, under nose, on the back, forhead-horns vibe…etc) your imagination and creativity is the limit!
Example: In the pic I am wearing two that form a mask like thing,etc..

★ MATERIALS – Item contains special material textures that give the fabric/shine feels on High and Ultra Graphics

Available @CYBER Fair

SEKA Mainstore
SEKA FaceBook
SEKA Instagram

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