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SEKA's Glitch/d Pants @CYBER Fair

SEKA's Glitch/d Pants @CYBER Fair

SEKA (nivea.vuckovic) has added a photo to the pool:

SEKA's Glitch/d Pants @CYBER Fair

CYBER Fair opens Tomorrow, time for some cool colorful tech glitchy goodies, you already know the style!
These Baggy Pants come in both Female and Male Version (and my first Bulge, I couldn’t leave them with a cameltoe)
It also comes with:

★ a fun HUD that lets you customize your new item a bit more
★ Each Color Pack comes with 3 colorways/textures (Pants Front) to let you switch up the looks/finishes if you feel like it

With the HUD you can easily:
– change Front Main Texture ( 3 looks/shades)
– mix and match Edges ( 8 colors )
– mix and match Upper detail (8 colors)
– mix and match Straps 1 section ( 10 colors )
– mix and match Straps 2 section ( 10 colors )
– change the Metals ( Light, Dark, Gold-ish)
– turn the Effect ON / OFF
– add GLOW to Effect
– TINT parts/ Effect

★ For this Release I created few Variety Packs which come in 3 different colors (in the same finish) and the back of the pants is always Dark
These are already interesting Packs on their own since you already get different Main Colors

★ FATPACK comes with ALL the textures/colors and everything else (Variety packs INCLUDED), you can also Mix ‘n Match the Back of the pants now since you got all the colors!
DON’T FORGET! as with all SEKA Items you dont necessarily need a fatpack to get more creative color combinations, for example, having only 2 color packs etc will still allow you mix and match between
those 2 color HUDs as well

★ BoM ALPHA is INCLUDED and MUST be worn with these pants to hide any stubborn clippings, I wanted the LegBands and parts of the pants to fit tightly around the body and not add too much Volume (pants are already generally baggy in some areas)

★ it’s MODIFY (if you wish to tint more, remove scripts, etc..)
★ a rig for LEGACY Female + Male, MAITREYA ,Inithium KUPRA,eBODY Reborn, Belleza JAKE

Available @ CYBER FAIR (June 1st)

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