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SEKAI – Engagement Box (Interactive Scene) – Kawaii Secrets

SEKAI - Engagement Box (Interactive Scene) - Kawaii Secrets

SEKAI BRAND has added a photo to the pool:

SEKAI - Engagement Box (Interactive Scene) - Kawaii Secrets

Will you marry them? Now you can propose to them and make it fun and interactive!!! (In less than 6 Hours) At Kawaii Secrets

Product Info:
An interactive Scene will be done by clicking on the box, the proposing person will kneel and open the box, the one they propose to will be in a surprise, when they click "Yes" You both get rigged engagement rings Silver + Gold

Single Color Features:
You get a ring box that will open once clicked on
You get a ring hud for changing the texture of the writing on the engagement box + a custom template texture full perm
You can tint the ring holder fabric or tint the ring/diamonds.
You get rigged Silver+Gold Rings for Reborn/Maitreya/LegacyF/LegacyM/Gianni/Jake/Belleza Xgen

You get all the single item’s features with a 11 Texture Hud (Including White for personal customization) + 5 Extra textures Hud

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