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SEKA @The Hawthorne Legacy Event

SEKA @The Hawthorne Legacy Event

SEKA (nivea.vuckovic) has added a photo to the pool:

SEKA @The Hawthorne Legacy Event

LEGACY Body is Hosting The Hawthorne Legacy Event which will be a mini Fair for 2 weeks in Collaboration with a popular Supernatural RP Sim named ”Hawthorne University”

For this fun Themed Event I Re-Colored Gesugao Body specially for the Vampire Race/Faction into this blody-ish dark theme!
I have also included SEKA’s Strappy Re-Color (dark leather) as a Bonus with the bodysuit cause I liked the spikey Vampire vibe

Bunch of other Designers made New or Re-colored one of their old items into fun race/faction themes (Vampire,Hunter,Werewolf,Fairy, Witches etc etc) so if you
have extra time or curiousity don’t forget to check it out o/

The Hawthorne Legacy Event <<<

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