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Searching for clues

Searching for clues

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Searching for clues

Chapter IX: Searching for Clues

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New York in 1930? A strange moment in history to travel to. We had been dealing with incidents in the future, and now we were going back to the past. The analysts had deciphered that the changes were related to Carl Anderson, but there were several people in New York with that name. I had no choice but to investigate like the old-fashioned detectives. I would have few modern resources in this era, and it was crucial not to add more changes to the timeline. Before leaving, we had narrowed the list down to four possible candidates, so they sent four of us to watch and take care of each one, evaluating on the ground who could influence history enough to cause a significant fluctuation in the timeline.

My target was in New York for a lecture, though his work was at the California Institute of Technology. Dressed in a typical outfit of the era, I mingled with the crowd heading to the auditorium. The city was a hive of activity; streetcars filled the streets, and skyscrapers, still under construction, gave an air of constant change and progress. Despite the bustle, I kept my attention on Carl Anderson, observing his movements and behaviors, looking for any sign that he could be the cause of the temporal alterations.

The lecture began, and Anderson stood out as a charismatic speaker. He talked about the future of technology and its impact on society, capturing the audience’s attention with every word. As I took notes, I tried to discern if anything he said could be related to the changes we had detected. After the lecture, I discreetly followed him to his hotel, keeping a safe distance. That night, I reviewed my notes and sent a preliminary report to the Ministry. I knew that time was crucial and that any discovery needed to be communicated immediately. The investigation had just begun, and the answers I sought were getting closer.

Photo taken in Sci-Fi Con event

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