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SciFi Steamed Buns Set Combo

SciFi Steamed Buns Set Combo

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SciFi Steamed Buns Set Combo

We’re excited to bring you 2 exclusive releases to Cyber Fair: the Sci Fi Steamed Buns Set and the Sci Fi Green Tea Set, both available in black and white options and combo. The Steamed Buns Set is a sleek, minimalistic addition to your decor, with just 1-2 LI. It includes both a giver and decor version, available in classic materials as well as PBR. Enhance your culinary scenes with the included empty steamer and tray, perfect for pairing with other food decor.

The Sci Fi Green Tea Set, inspired by traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, brings a futuristic twist to your space. This set, with a land impact of 1-4, features 10 individual decor pieces, ensuring flexibility and creativity in your arrangements. It also includes giver and decor versions, and like the Steamed Buns Set, uses both classic materials and PBR. This tea set is an ideal choice for sci-fi or cyberpunk roleplay and decor, adding an authentic yet futuristic vibe to your environment.

Both sets are meticulously designed to blend tradition with futuristic aesthetics, making them a must-have for any sci-fi or cyberpunk enthusiast. Visit Cyber Fair to grab these unique creations.

Open June 2-24

All sales are final; no refunds except for double purchases.

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