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#SCHOEN – Widow Getas @ Kawaii Project

#SCHOEN - Widow Getas @  Kawaii Project

#SCHOEN. has added a photo to the pool:

#SCHOEN - Widow Getas @  Kawaii Project

New Release

Available at the Kawaii Project
Opening on the 18th October @ 6pm SLT

This Round includes
a spooky Gift in each booth for Halloween.
Come grab yours!

The Getas are rigged for:

+ Kalhene Erika
+ Belleza GenX
+ Legacy Female
+ Inithium Kupra / Kups / Khara
+ Maitreya Lara
+ Ebody Reborn

Texture HUD is a fatpack HUD,
you have inside available options for this item.
6 different faces and multiple choice options for each!
You will be amazed.

Check out the DEMO for a View of Options in HUD

▲▼ ! Attention! ▲▼

There is a DEMO for this product.
You will obtain the purchased Item as seen on the picture.

Enjoy your second Life and thank you for your interest!
Please visit our inworld stores for upcoming Items!

Ps We are Moving!.

→ Inworld Store ← & → Marketplace ←

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