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#SCHOEN – Teardrop Septum

#SCHOEN - Teardrop Septum

#SCHOEN. has added a photo to the pool:

#SCHOEN - Teardrop Septum

● This Item comes as following content:

– #SCHOEN Ring Septum – simple as unrigged
– #SCHOEN Ring Septum – simple Texture HUD

Via HUD you can choose between 10 METAL materials options!
15 Gemstones Colors and 3 Pearls Colors.
Since the Item is unrigged it requires low grade of editing skills to fit the position on your nose.

▲▼ ! Attention! ▲▼

– The HUd is not Modify but the Mesh is editable (modify)
– The Item is copy and mody! No Modify are the scripts & no Transfer!
– Please do not rezz nor Drop the HUD / Mesh Eyes on the Ground, it will delete itself!

● There is no Demo to this product, the vendor shows exact the product you gonna get.

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