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#SCHOEN – Cuban Necklace

#SCHOEN - Cuban Necklace

#SCHOEN. has added a photo to the pool:

#SCHOEN - Cuban Necklace


@ Them! opening July, 10th.

● This Item comes as the following content:

– Rigged Cuban Necklace for :

+Legacy/ Perky
+Legacy Male

– It comes with a full HUD with all colors, 40 in Total!
– 3 Chain Faces for individual choices.
Multiple Looks possible.

▲▼ ! Attention! ▲▼

– The Item is copy! But no Modify & no Transfer!
– Please do not rezz nor Drop the HUD / The Mesh on the Ground, it will delete itself!

● There is a Demo to this product, the vendor shows exact the product you gonna get.

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