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#SCHOEN – Augusta – @ The Narrative

#SCHOEN - Augusta - @ The Narrative

#SCHOEN. has added a photo to the pool:

#SCHOEN - Augusta - @ The Narrative

Available at the The Narrative Event
Opening on the 15th October @ 12pm SLT

The Narrative Event Gallery
The Narrative Event Location

This is a full customizable dress with 6 Faces.
The upper part is in fully Metal Textures.
Each face can be textured individually.

The Dress is modify.

Rigged now for :

– Maitreya
– Legacy

Updates for Kupra , Kups, Erika and Freya are in progress.

Please notice, each Dress Body size has been modelled individually on each body. It means the Top Chest part will look accordingly to the body type you are using.

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