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[Salem] Stockings Update

[Salem] Stockings Update

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[Salem] Stockings Update

Hello, queens! We´ve been working really hard to keep up with all our tasks, and as the Reborn update is in our to-do list, here it is!!

This update is not only to include the Ebody Reborn size, as it also gave us the chance to fix a couple of extra little things that make our stockings look better than ever!

★ What´s new ★
‣ Updated to Ebody Reborn
‣ Updated Maitreya rigs to Maitreya v5.0+ (feet sliders now work with Maitreya stockings)
‣ Flat feet for ALL bodies have had the UV maps adjusted to enhance textures

A redelivery has been sent out, but if you haven´t received it, come by the store and use the redelivery terminal.

———— ★ ————

Salem mainstore

– Join us in-world: secondlife:///app/group/b91c666f-9bd6-101f-028e-9e8f0333ffc0/about

Follow our social media pages as well:

Happy shopping everyone!

———— ★ ————

☞ What am I wearing? ☜

– Left –
[Salem] Lucille Lingerie
[Salem] Bellatrix Stockings
Moon Elixir x MUSE – All Eyes On Me – Shoes

– Left Mid –
[Salem] Jade Skirt
[Salem] Madisen stockings

– Middle –
[Salem] Charlotte Dress
[Salem] Charlotte Stockings

– Right Mid –
[Salem] Octavia Skirt
[Salem] Morticia Stockings
[Salem] Jezebeth Heels

– Right –
[Salem] Roxy Skirt
[Salem] Madisen Stockings

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