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Roman Merchant Set – Fatpack

Roman Merchant Set - Fatpack

Del-ka Aedilis has added a photo to the pool:

Roman Merchant Set - Fatpack

The Roman Merchant Set includes authentic furnishings for a wealthy Roman merchant.

A sales counter richly decorated with mosaics, amphora racks for wine and garum and wall shelves filled with Roman storage containers for all the goods to sell. Herbs, garlic and onions hanging from the ceiling and baskets filled with sugar melons, calabashes and Roman cabbages complete the display.

All items can be bought in separate packages or as the Roman Merchant Fatpack. Every package is new & exclusive for the WLRP Event in July and available at the event with 25% off.

The Set/Fatpack includes:

Counter (1LI) & Hanging Rack with Herbs, Garlic & Onions (2LI)
Amphora Racks (2 versions, 1LI each)
Wall Shelves (2 versions, 1LI each)
Roman Vessels (Amphora, Dolium – 0.5 – 1 LI each)
Baskets (0.5-1 LI each)

All items are copy/mod and Original Mesh & Materials

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