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[Revolutionary Eyes] 6K Version for Flickr

[Revolutionary Eyes] 6K Version for Flickr

Instant Disappointment has added a photo to the pool:

[Revolutionary Eyes] 6K Version for Flickr

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♦ Date uploaded: 03/06/2020
♦ Category: Avatar Eyes
♦ Compatibility: Any head that works with Omega, Bakes on Mesh or has a dev/texture kit. Or plain, old system head.
♦ Files included: Full-perm textures of all the eyes (diffuse, normal & specular), system layers (also full-perm), standard Omega appliers as well as Omega Evolved ones. Both versions are included in the package.
♦ More pictures: (6K raw) // (4K gshade shot) // (full swatch)
♦ Where to find them: (controlc)

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