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Relaxed – Bento poses

Relaxed - Bento poses

spotlight store has added a photo to the pool:

Relaxed - Bento poses

Hello everyone!

Tough times lately! And sometimes it’s simply better to not force the issue and go with the flow. And that brings us to our newest release! Relaxed is out in store!!

It’s a single pose, with two different types, the one featured in the ad comes in 3 waist sizes, hopefully to fit all the lovely different bodies out there. All the two types come with their respective mirrored version as well.

In store, we have special 20% off for group members for the first 2 weeks of the release. And you can also test the demo. So, come try it out: Blue water (80,136,3151)

Alternatively, there is MP: Relaxed on MP

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