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Very particular product. A beard with white mustache and lace…which create contrast with the other hairs of the beard in a unique combination of its kind. For all lovers of this characteristic type of beard!


the package contains beard unrigged and a HUD for the grayscale color!.

compatible for LeLUTKA Jon Head 3.1

ATTENTION !. When you use the beard to fix it well you have to use the resize menu activated by clicking on it!
for this product and its particularity, only "HUD GRAYSCALE" is on sale…
"[//REBIRTH/]-Hairbase_#01-BOM Tintable" present in the image and to be purchased separately unlike the "[//REBIRTH/]-Facialhair_#01" which is already included in the package!.

opening MAY 17th-MANCAVE EVENT!

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