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Rave Realm

Rave Realm

ohdeer_sl has added a photo to the pool:

Rave Realm


Oh Deer and WetCat wants to tell you what they want, what they really really want

Transport yourself back to the electric energy of the 90’s rave scene with a new release made exclusively for Anthem!

Picture a pulsating rhythm vibrating through yourt core. The glowing lights bringing you to the exact place (and time) you wantn to be at.

You just entered the Rave Realm.


This backdrop includes:

💥 PBR versions of the backdrop

💥 15 single bento poses (8 for male, 7 for female) from WetCat!

💥 Headphones in PBR and no PBR versions. Rezzing when seated or as decor in the pack

💥 Sticklight beacelets and necklaces because sticklights is life!


TP to Anthem

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