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Pure Poison – Milena Dress

Pure Poison - Milena Dress

Shaleene Kenin – Owner of .::Pure Poison::. STORE has added a photo to the pool:

Pure Poison - Milena Dress

The Milena Dress is out now for the new round of Kinky!

Oh, la, la! Okay my lovely Poisons this little sexy number was made just for you!! This short dress comes in three wearable designs, one normal and two tear-away dresses. The dress is equipped with a strip HUD for the naughtiest among us (insert wicked grin.) Milena has your choice of 10 custom fabric colors and 4 metal choices. Make them beg for mercy!

✚ Rigged Legacy Perky

Kinky runs from Feb 28th to March 22nd

Available at Kinky Event

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