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Pure Poison – Jessie Dress AD1

Pure Poison - Jessie Dress AD1

Shaleene Kenin – Owner of .::Pure Poison::. STORE has added a photo to the pool:

Pure Poison - Jessie Dress AD1

The Jessie dress is a short mini dress with tube top that will make you look as hot as a five alarm fire. Super fun words can put down the sides of the dress with your choice of 25 word and color combinations. 14 custom colors in the included HUD and five versions of the dress can be worn (see flickr link below,) regular and break-away. Jessie comes complete with a strip HUD. You are a queen!

✚ Rigged for Freya, Legacy, Feminine & Perky Legacy, Hourglass and Maitreya

Kinky runs from April 28th to May 22nd
TAXI to Kinky:

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