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Pure Poison – Emilia Sandals – Kustom9

Pure Poison - Emilia Sandals - Kustom9

Shaleene Kenin – Owner of .::Pure Poison::. STORE has added a photo to the pool:

Pure Poison - Emilia Sandals - Kustom9

– NEW Release – Floral Mesh Dress, Emilia Sandals and Emilia Earrings @Kustom9

Slip into the Emilia sandals for total comfort and high fashion appeal! The sandals have 11 amazing texture choices and fit Legacy, Maitreya and Belleza.

Enter our CONTEST for a chance to win the Floral Dress, Emilia Earrings and Emilia Sandals on our Facebook Page . Leave your SL name in the comments here on Flickr for an entry/second entry.

Kustom9 runs from March 15th to April 10th
❧ TAXI to Kustom9:

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