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Pure Poison – Beatrix Pumps & Socks – FaMESHed

Pure Poison - Beatrix Pumps & Socks - FaMESHed

Shaleene Kenin – Owner of .::Pure Poison::. STORE has added a photo to the pool:

Pure Poison - Beatrix Pumps & Socks - FaMESHed

Beatrix Pumps & Socks are a NEW RELEASE that is out now at the current round of FaMESHed!

Sexy fishnet knee highs and pumps! These heels have a timeless design! The pointed toe and elevated stiletto are balanced by a thick ankle band that wraps the eye-catching net stockings. Heels can be worn with or without socks. The pumps fit Legacy, Maitreya, and Isis.

Enter the CONTEST on our Facebook Page for a chance to win. You can also enter here on Flickr by leaving your SL name along with your comment, two ways to win!

FaMESHed runs from September 1st to the 27th
✦ TAXI to FaMESHed:
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