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Pregnancy add-on for Really Needy HUD

Pregnancy add-on for Really Needy HUD

Izzie Button (Izzie's) has added a photo to the pool:

Pregnancy add-on for Really Needy HUD

As you may already know, Izzie’s has been collaborating with Grace7 Ling from The Really Useful Scripts Corner for a couple of years now. Grace is the creator of the
Really Needy Hud, which makes it possible to simulate physiological conditions of your avatar’s body (such as hunger, thirst, energy, health etc…).

Grace released another collaboration set at her MP store, the Pregnancy Add-On for the Really Needy Hud to bring more realism to your SL roleplay.

The set includes following BOM layers made by Izzie’s (regular BOM & Evo X/AK ADVX BOM):

▸ Acne (on face & upper body)
▸ Pregnancy Belly & Linea Nigra
▸ Breast Veins
▸ Varicose Veins
▸ Stretch Marks (Breast, Belly & Butt/Thighs)
▸ Darkened Areola and Montgomery bumps
▸ Insomnia (Eyebags/Dark Circles)
▸ Rhinitis (Runny Nose)
▸ Nose Bleed

+ many more features for your SL pregnancy by Grace7 Ling

Please find all infos about this set HERE.

Really Useful Scripts Corner:
MP store and inworld store

Try a free DEMO of the BOM Layers for the Pregnancy add-on for Really Needy Hud

For customer service, please direct any enquiries to Grace7 Ling directly, she’ll gladly help <3

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