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Pitaya – Spring afternoons – gacha collection

Pitaya - Spring afternoons - gacha collection

Dyana.Rain has added a photo to the pool:

Pitaya - Spring afternoons - gacha collection

This collection is one of the works in which I dedicated myself the most to achieve an incredible result. I am very happy to have finished this project so well.

The gacha has 12 items in total: 11 common and one rare. The rare item is the bed, which comes with several animations and a Hud to change the color, there are 16 color options in total.

All items have HD textures and material maps included.
The permissions are: Mody, No Copy and Transfer

List of items:
1. daydream bed RARE 19LI
2-4. Ficus Lyrata 5LI
5-8. 11LI Rugs
9-10. Leaf Plant 4LI
11-12. Palms 9LI

I hope you enjoy the release!

Pic by Luna Morineaux-Song

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