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Pitaya – Mausoleum backdrop @ Très Chic

Pitaya - Mausoleum backdrop @ Très Chic

Dyana.Rain has added a photo to the pool:

Pitaya - Mausoleum backdrop @ Très Chic

Très Chic is celebrating 5 years of hard work and dedication. And it is a pleasure for us to participate in this party.
Therefore, we invite you to participate as well.
For this special occasion, we made a super colorful item (which is nothing new here) and full of meanings. It is a backdrop inspired by the Mausoleus of Mulai Ismail, which is located in Meknès, Morocco.
I dream of visiting Morocco, it will certainly be one of the first places I will visit when the pandemic is over and we are a little safer.
Until then, I share a little bit of my desire with you.
Hope you like it!
The backdrop comes in three beautiful colors: yellow, salmon and red. It has a total of 47LI and is not transferable. The textures are beautiful and all parts have their proper materials included.
Come see for yourself: Très Chic

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