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Phlogiston Flower Condenscer Bronze

Phlogiston Flower Condenscer Bronze

Elicio Ember has added a photo to the pool:

Phlogiston Flower Condenscer Bronze

We are so excited to introduce the Phlogiston Flower Condenser, a marvel of elegance and versatility, debuting exclusively at the Enchantment event. Crafted in Bronze and Iron, this stunning statement piece boasts intricate detail legacy textures & the new PBR texturing, and occupies a mere 7-9 LI. Versatility is its hallmark, offering versions with or without a pedestal, as well as an empty variant for personal customization. Adorned with 10 twinkle, 9 bulb, and window features, it illuminates with 10 captivating light colors, seamlessly transitioning between day and night, it caters to diverse preferences. With owner and public options, it’s a must-have for discerning connoisseurs of aesthetic excellence.


All sales are final; no refunds except for double purchases.

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Open: May 10 – June 2

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