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[ Pheromone ] Ultimate Foot Clicker Update 2.0

[ Pheromone ] Ultimate Foot Clicker Update 2.0

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[ Pheromone ] Ultimate Foot Clicker Update 2.0

Introducing Pheromone’s Ultimate Foot Clicker Version 2.0, a free update for existing users and standard with new purchases.This update brings many quality of life improvements and a brand new mode to further enhance your experience.

: Receive notifications when someone interacts with your foot clicker, with options to approve or block interactions. Customize a whitelist for automatic approvals and a blacklist for automatic denials.

: Easily personalize interactions by toggling sounds, animations, emotes, and text. To access the newly added customization menu, simply click on your Ultimate Foot Clicker and select the interaction you want to edit.

: Choose between "barefoot" or "shoes" mode, doubling the content and adding fresh experiences for you and your partner. In order to swap between the two, simply click on your Ultimate Foot Clicker and select the "Mode" button.

– : The "shoes mode" for the male version features boot-themed interactions, while female version includes heel-themed interactions. You are of course able to customize these new interactions using the brand new customization options

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance the Ultimate Foot Clicker. We are looking forward to hearing from you and look into what features could be added in future updates. Until then, we hope you enjoy the update!

[ F E A T U R E S ]

♡ Interactive foot clicker for both male and female avatars
♡ Intensive customization options
♡ Barefoot mode and shoes mode
♡ Nine interactions for each mode
♡ Access controls for privacy
♡ Custom sound effects
♡ Customizable emotes
♡ Fits all bodies

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