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Petal Lashes

Petal Lashes

Void Inc has added a photo to the pool:

Petal Lashes

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Short Video of Coy & Petal Lashes

Alpha-blending optimized lash applier set for Void – Demure Lashes.


– 30 Lash Styles in 4 Color Options
– 4 Tintable Glitter Layers

This set does not contain any rigged eyelashes, it is an applier set only.
*** You must own Void – Demure Lashes in order to use these appliers. ***

As the Petal Lashes textures are optimized for use with Alpha-Blending eyelashes, I do not recommend using them on alpha-masking mode. To set Demure lashes to Alpha Blending, please use the "Void – Demure Lashes – Alpha Toggle HUD" prior to applying the petal lashes textures.

** Please Note **

For alpha-compatibility with new hairs made using the new Second Life Alpha-Priority Fix, you may change the attachment point of the lashes between Mouth, Chest, and Right Hind Leg to find a combination which least clips your hair or makeup. The blending lashes aren’t guaranteed to not clip with hair or makeup, however we have created these alpha-blending lash textures as a feature for those who really desire it.

You may try the Alpha-Blending Demure Lashes Demos on our sim in-world prior to purchase if you have any concerns. 🙂

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