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Paula Set @Mainstore Flash GiveAway

Paula Set @Mainstore Flash GiveAway

Johnny Pérez [E. Vary / Mangula] has added a photo to the pool:

Paula Set @Mainstore Flash GiveAway

Mangula New Set for @Mainstore + Flash GiveAway

Hello girls, finally the launch day has arrived! Paula Set is already available in the store so come by him but we will also do a second GiveAway.

Fitted for: • Lara • Freya • Legacy • Hourglass • Curvy

All garments in separate colors are sold at 50L $ and the MEGA PACK that includes absolutely everything at 750L $ that is 80% discount.

Paula Set comes with dresses in 2 versions with sleeves and sleeveless, detailed belt, optional fly, an extra long denim jacket that you can wear with the sleeveless or separate dress and velvet boots in 3 lengths. ♥

Like it, comment your name inworld and share with your friends to win 1 of 5 Fatpack in the next 12 hrs follow me on Facebook for more opportunities to fan luck! ♥

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