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PANIQ Heiwana Set

PANIQ Heiwana Set

Triana Mills has added a photo to the pool:

PANIQ Heiwana Set

Heiwana Set

7LI Materials Enabled Original Mesh Set
Texture Change Items: 2LI Shoji Screen, 1LI Ceramic Vase,
1LI Solo Sit Zabuton Cushion
Non-Texture Change Items: 1LI Bento Cup Dispenser Tea Set,
1LI Chabudai Table, 1LI Bamboo Plant

Starting June 16th!
Available at the Evolve Mainstore Event beginning June 16th!
Pick up your Evolve Shopping HUD beginning June 16th!

This set is 50% off for the duration of the Evolve event!
Mini packs available sold separately!

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