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ONE-Table SET 001 (GOLD) – Glass – Solid (Animations)

ONE-Table SET 001 (GOLD) - Glass - Solid (Animations)

onecreations has added a photo to the pool:

ONE-Table SET 001 (GOLD) - Glass - Solid (Animations)

Thank you for your interest in ONE-Creations items .

(These are the Animations that goes with the ONE-Table SET 001 (GOLD) – Glass – Solid illustrated on the picture before this one. )


These items are PG / Animated and are 100% originals created by ONE-Creations.
The animations that come with them are by ONE-Creations / ONEbody Language.

Note that the animations can be adjusted to fit your avatar properly.
The items are enforced by AVsitter scripts which allow you to do this for your own avatar shape and height (It’s easy to use)
Just sit and chose ‘adjust’ from the menu. The items are copyable so you don’t need to worry if adjusting goes wrong.

These sets are Material Enabled this means in order to make them show as intended, your viewer has to be set to ULTRA with (Advanced Lighting) enabled.
The Seats are color changeable with a click script.


*Check item in worlds

Enjoy your Purchase.

Ps. check the picture before this one to see more details on the material effect.

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