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[OC] Beach Rental – Unit H

[OC] Beach Rental - Unit H

Teegan Oceana has added a photo to the pool:

[OC] Beach Rental - Unit H

This is honestly probably my favorite home. Not only it is a huge unit with basically its own island, a lot of privacy, a radio and good security. A delightful Spanish style home, right on the sunrise side of the island. Its own sim private beach, and small water craft access to the main channel into the lagoon for water sports with its own boat or watercraft slip.

Furnished with a ton of prims so you have plenty of room to grow and make it your own.

Privacy & Security Orb | Shower & Bedroom | Kitchen | Living room w/ TV | Radio | Pool | Beach | Boat Slip | Yard | Hottub | more!

Come see our Estate units. We’ve worked hard to price competitively as a small independent themed sim. Focusing on "Your Home, Your Way" with an emphasis on personalized customer service.

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