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Noc Teeth for @WarehouseSaleEvent

Noc Teeth for @WarehouseSaleEvent

(The DeadBoy Owner) has added a photo to the pool:

Noc Teeth for @WarehouseSaleEvent

Hello guys this is my last release of this month, hope you enjoy.

The event opens 23rd September.

Step into the realm of darkness with NocTeeth – a sinister collection of razor-sharp fangs featuring five distinct textures and simulated saliva, designed to immerse your characters in the abyss of realism. NocTeeth is the key to breathing life into your darkest incarnations.

these teeth come
2 – Tooth Size’s
5 – Textures (Natural, Yellow, Silver light, Silver mid, and Black Metal)
Saliva rigged
3 rigged sizes
Mod and Copy

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