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NeXus HUGO Hair Base

NeXus HUGO Hair Base

CHEERNO has added a photo to the pool:

NeXus HUGO Hair Base

Hello MeshBoys,

NeXus HUGO hair base is a unique 100% original texture that works well with any style, giving you the freedom to create any look you desire.

The pack contains:
# 5 BOM hair base Colors ( EVOX ).
# 2 extras hair base Colors ( EVOX ).
# 4 BOM hair base gray ( EVOX ) tint, that allows you to tint your hair creating various looks.

The NeXus HUGO hair base is the perfect solution for adding natural looking hair feel to your characters.

Out now at Jail Event

Available only in bake on mesh.

Come to try the demos and have fun.
See you there
Perfect for you, Perfect on you!

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