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NeXus Face Roman

NeXus Face Roman

CHEERNO has added a photo to the pool:

NeXus Face Roman

Hello NeXus Boys,

We are so excited about the new skin generation, that we decide to show you more about what is coming.
At this Jail Event Round, NeXus Presents Roman for Lelutka Evox.

Roman Evox Face Applier is available in 4 tones 4 / 5 / 6 / 7.
The pack includes:

– 2 face layers ( with and without eyebrows ).
– 2 face skins ( with and without eyebrows ).
– 1 hair base for lelutka evox.
– 1 ears layer for Lelutka evox.
– 1 eyebrows shape.

You can also have the shape NX5 to complete your look.
Out at Jail Event

See there!
Perfect for you, Perfect on you!

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