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New Releases for 99L & MIIX Weekend Sales

New Releases for 99L & MIIX Weekend Sales

themadymoo has added a photo to the pool:

New Releases for 99L & MIIX Weekend Sales

HEY, I kinda disappeared cause life and also BG3 & Starfield… oof, so I made 2 new things that you can find this weekend during the 99Sale & MIIX Weekend Sale!

.Mars. – Tav Necklace

Tav Necklace comes with 6 gem and 6 metal colors, variable via the HUD.

This is a rigged necklace, meaning you cannot move it anyw
here else, try a DEMO before purchase to be sure it fits your mesh body proportions well!

.Mars. – Chonky Cacti Cat

The Chonky Cacti Cat pots come in 6 fun colors and are modify so you can resize them however big or small you want them.

Check them out displayed and try them out at the .MARS. In-World STORE !

Also can be found in the .MARS. Marketplace STORE !

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