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New Release @The Warehouse Sale

New Release @The Warehouse Sale

shoukokanto has added a photo to the pool:

New Release @The Warehouse Sale

Hi there!
This is Front Collar for SOLE new neck.
It is a two-part design with a front collar and a guard at the cervical vertebrae.
I am able to sale from 23rd 10pm. thanks to support and cooperation.
Hope you all like it!

:::SOLE::: SA – Collar ISO-01

Front / Back

black / white black / Camo / Blue / MID / MID Purple / Red / Pink / Orange / Yellow

♦Fat Bonus♦
SP-White / SP-Black / White EX / Black EX / White


Modifi / copy / No trans

Unrigged only – Resize script

Event Opens
23th 10pm SLT
[ The Warehouse Sale Event ]

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