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New Release – 35L Sunday

New Release - 35L Sunday

-Magnetic- has added a photo to the pool:

New Release - 35L Sunday

2 New Items out for 35L Sunday! and 2 older ones.Pick them up now for the discounted price.

NEW! Bubble Aura – Unisex -Emits bubbles around you. Low & High intensity.

NEW! Bubble Telepoofer – Unisex – Emits around you where you teleport.

Star Highlight & Ear addon – Evo X

Fabric Scrap Earrings – Animal Print

Also, check out Miix Weekend Deal – Tarot: Bento Holdable | Displays fortune in chat.

Plus – SL Home Decor Deal:

Tentacle Lanterns – Animated Fireflies | with & without base included.


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